Suzuki Jimny the compact and fun 4×4

by MMC
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No more naysayers!

But there is so little space. It has such a small tank. Shh. Yeah ok, taking a corner at high speed can be scary. If you think you’re going to inspire Verstappen’s moves, you need to realize… he’s an off-roader first and foremost. It’s not meant to reach high speeds on the road, it’s designed to tackle rough terrain and impressively so. And as for space, sure it’s limited, but how many vehicles do you know can create a perfectly flat bed space when you lower all the seats and headrests?

You either want one or you don’t. We waited 6 months before finally taking delivery of Simba (you guessed it, Landy is Mufasa). A photo of a Suzuki Jimny arriving on one of the ships was posted on Facebook and we immediately got in touch with Suzuki Hillcrest to reserve it. The color we wanted had already been picked up (someone had seen the same post) but the silver was still available and so…

…..the adventure begin.

PS Suzuki Jimny owners, continue this tradition of greeting each other on the road. It’s really awesome !

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