Tanzania: Preparations for Zanzibar Travel and Tourism Fair in full swing

by MMC
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Zanzibar — ZANZIBAR: THE Zanzibar Commission for Tourism (ZCT) is hosting the first “Zanzibar International Tourism Investment and Travel Exhibition (ZTITE)” themed “Greener Zanzibar”.

The Executive Director of ZCT, Ms Hafsa Mbamba, said her office is working in partnership with the Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA) and the Department of Museums and Antiquities of the Ministry of Tourism and Heritage to organize the ZTITE .

She explained that the aim is to bring together tourism professionals and stakeholders, tourism investors, environmental advocates and like-minded stakeholders from the public and private sectors in an environment conducive to trade and discussing sustainable tourism practices, current movements and knowledge sharing.

“The ZTITE-2024 will serve as a platform to showcase the Zanzibar tourism sector’s expected sustainable tourism vision and investment climate, as well as business networking opportunities and solutions to existing challenges in the tourism ecosystem ” said Ms. Hafsa.

She said ZTITE would begin from February 17 to 20 next year and that it aligns with the “Zanzibar Declaration on Sustainable Tourism”, an informal statement of intent and rallying cry for Zanzibar’s tourism industry is making real progress towards sustainability, in support of people, planet and prosperity.

Hafsa said: “The Zanzibar Declaration recognizes and contributes to global actions on sustainable tourism adopted by international institutions and world leaders; this includes the One Planet Network’s Glasgow Declaration: Climate Action in Tourism with which this declaration is aligned, and many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Principles. Goals.”