Techstars Toronto celebrates its 100th anniversary and strengthens its commitment to driving Canadian and global innovation

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In total, Techstars has made 236 direct investments in Canadian companies and is at the top of the rankings. from Canada most active investors.

With its strong international network and locally operated accelerator, Techstars Toronto helps retain top talent here in Canada. Canada while bringing together the best technology visionaries from around the world.

This year’s class of 24 companies offers a range of important solutions centered around the theme of The global diaspora. From global payment companies to credit scoring for immigrants, international student recruitment and rental housing affordability, cross-border real estate, AI ethics and healthcare solutions, the cyber risk assessment and last mile drone delivery, these 24 startups touch on many areas. pressing trends in today’s world.

“On October 4 and on the 5th, Techstars Toronto will celebrate the graduating founders of this cohort with two demo days. We invite you to attend,” says Sharma.

Omnea (Saskatoon): Bridging the gap between homeownership and AI-powered technology, Omnee empowers homeowners to understand and care for their home.

Delivery by stationary drone (Toronto): Transforming last mile delivery with autonomous drone delivery.

Quite AI (Waterloo): Build the compliance layer for AI.

Weaver and loom (Toronto): Empowering designers and retailers with innovative technology to produce bespoke luxury rugs, bypassing the supply chain. Create, build and deliver handmade rugs just in time, improving the lives of artisans throughout the process.

Better foundations (Vancouver): Better Basics designs essential personal care and cleaning products that are better for people and the planet.

ENGAIZ (Mississauga): An integrated cyber risk intelligence, risk assessment and compliance platform to help organizations mitigate digital risks and build trust.

Unified (Toronto): One API to integrate them all.

A sight (Hamilton): Enabling content creators and brands to monetize their content on a global scale.

Asepha (Toronto): Enable clinicians to make faster, informed decisions by browsing 35 million documents in seconds.

APX Loans (Toronto): A new standard for compliance, safety and security in digital asset-backed lending.

Payfi (Moncton And Mississauga): Helping international students access affordable housing.

Catalyst (South Africa): Veterinarians, trains and locations CatalyzU Africa top talent in global startups.

Certainly (India): Simplifies university admissions for international students, guides them toward optimal economic opportunities, encourages diversity at partner institutions, and revitalizes enrollment in academic programs.

Starbem (Brazil): Democratizing global mental health services, from its origins in Brazil during COVID to support Canadian immigrants with psychological support accessible via telehealth.

Lead (Brazil): Leadfy automates online ad management, generating more and better leads to sellers.

Brisk (India): Brysk’s AI-powered autonomous checkout technology is paving the way for the future of retail with effortless implementation of checkout-free shopping.

MPOST (Kenya): MPost gives individuals in developing countries access to virtual addresses, using mobile numbers as official addresses for KYC, insurance, banking and e-commerce, creating a digital infrastructure for seamless access and exchange .

If so (Ghana): Leveraging advanced technology and deep industry knowledge, Seso Global introduces trust and transparency to the African real estate market.

Ladder (Ghana): AI-powered wealth management for individuals and businesses providing personalized financial advisory and accounting services. (Nigeria): Helping African immigrants in the diaspora access seamless financial services.

Oval (Nigeria): Finance OS for growing businesses.

Hulugram (Ethiopia): Enable the social engagement of more than 30 million Internet users by Ethiopia via a chat platform.

Cutting structure (Nigeria): A building materials market, promoting efficiency and transparency in construction.

Applications for the next class of Techstars Toronto are now open and entrepreneurs can apply to

For more information: To arrange follow-up interviews, please email Managing Director Sunil Sharma, (email protected).

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