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Freshly minted.

After visiting some art galleries, including Omolayo Art Gallery, Mydrim Art Galleryand the Thought Pyramid Art Center perched around Lagos Island, Leonard and decided to make the Nimbus Art Gallery our next stop.

The fact is that it was quite a difficult place to locate, but with Google Maps at my fingertips, tricky things became quite easy after a few random clicks, twists and turns.

Yes! We left on foot from Signature Beyond Art Galleryanother artistic edifice in Ikoyi showcasing creative paintings, metalwork and a lush blend of Lagos aesthetics.

And now here is Nimbus Art Gallery perched at 9, Maitama Sule Street, off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos right in front of us, awaiting our gentle glances and our illustrious wanderings.

“Wow! » I proclaimed. It was spectacular and for someone who has always been in love with the aesthetic of the danfo (The Yellow of Lagos), it was such a beautiful sight.

I took out my Samsung phone to film the place, then a shell baritone voice beckoned to me: “Hey, if you’re going into an art gallery, don’t worry.” It was a man in his sixties wearing a fake t-shirt and blue jeans. In his hands he had about three paintings and with his help we were going to get free permits (as usual) to explore the bowels of the Nimbus Art Gallery.

“It looked good and for a split second I took it all in again. “The views are so mesmerizing and epic that they could literally leave you speechless!” I thought.

Five Things I Liked About Nimbus Art Gallery

1. Lagos aesthetic

Lagos is home to over 21 million people and being so populous for such a small state, heavy traffic jams has become increasingly common during rush hour.

Some days, when I’m able to explore my city without the usual “hiccups” or “bumps,” I include extra tasks in my itinerary just in case…

Now, at the entrance to the Nimbus Art Gallery, a bright yellow portal welcomes you to this artistic space.

Again and again, the side panels of a Danfo (common means of transportation in Lagos, Nigeria) accentuates the railings of the upper floor.

This certain “yellow” is constant throughout the building in the form of paint, graffiti or furniture and for Lagosians, it is a good reminder of the hustle and bustle that ensues in our city, day and night.

2. Fabric Artwork

The first place I discovered the use of African fabrics for artistic purposes was the Nike Art Gallery (also on Lagos Island). And as with Nimbus, many of the artworks were covered in colorful traditional outfits, including a free-standing grand piano.

Artists have used these materials to define faces, arms, legs and other particular facial features such as noses, ears, mouths or eyes.

You won’t regret a visit to this artistic world, I promise you.

3. Art world meets hospitality

Adjacent to the magnificent Nimbus Art Gallery is a sixteen-room boutique hotel known as Bogobiri House. This “house” spans two floors and houses works of art, Afrocentric rooms, a spa, a stone bar and BRT on the roof while inside, the furniture is designed to have a naturalistic look, that is, with carved or polished wood.

It is a beautiful and exciting place to spend time away from the hassles of Lagos with friends or loved ones. You will also have the opportunity to enroll in art classes. It’s totally FUN!

Staycation packages start from just 100,000 Naira.

4. Nigerian Celebrity Hideout

It’s always an amazing feeling to occasionally bump into Nigerian celebrities, even if it’s just for two and a half second or so jokes. Instagram-worthy selfies.

In May 2021, Zlatan performed his track – Road to CDK at the gallery (see below) and before inquiring, our tour guide made sure to mention that Nigerian artists in particular have made Nimbus their favorite place and it felt good to know that. walk in the paths of Davido, Wizkid, Burna Boy or others…

You should also know that while well-known musicians may casually drop in for a video shoot, art reflection, tour, or performance, the Nimbus Art Gallery also hosts its own live music shows featuring smaller artists all nights.

5. Rustic style

Beyond the alluring “Lagos character” that characterizes the Nimbus Art Gallery, I think what is even more intriguing about this premier destination is its unique traditional or vernacular architectural style.

This rustic look is achieved through the skillful use of crafted wood for the railings, columns, doors, ceilings and furniture which I must mention.

The gallery has a pleasant and friendly atmosphere quite similar to that of Nike Art Gallery located in Osogbo, Osun State.

The conclusion :

Leonard and I explored the Nimbus Art Gallery in January 2020, well before Coronavirus has affected travel and tourism in Nigeria and other parts of the world and long before winning the Afrobloggers Awards for Tourism and Culture but you know what?

I think what prompted me to write this article was a film I watched in March 2021, Who is the boss. The film starring Funke Akindele, Segun Arinze and Sharon Ooja had a scene where the main character shared a meal with her friend at Nimbus.

So, will I visit Nimbus Art Gallery again? Yes! Can I spend a whole day in this art installation? Oh yes! Do I have to stay overnight at Maison Bogobiri after my gallery visit? Oh yes, definitely!

Nimbus Art Gallery is a beautiful and charming place for art lovers, natives and expats from all over the world. I hope you will come one day.

What is your favorite thing about the Nimbus Art Gallery? Please leave your thoughts in the comments. Thanks in advance.

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Photos of Nimbus Art Gallery.

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