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It’s that time of year! Whether you want to reach out to organizations you visited on your Journey To Africa Safari or find a new one that resonates with you.

We’ve hand-picked carefully selected organizations that we know will be worthy of support, shopping or donating… there’s something for everyone. We know your hard-earned money will go a long way toward these deserving organizations.

Shanga – Tanzania:

At the heart of Shanga’s message is ‘Be Kind and Recycle’ – a philosophy adopted by the Journey To Africa team across the business which continues to support conservation, community and social consciousness – helping to empower people and places.

Shanga is a successful social enterprise that employs people with disabilities in Tanzania to support their families, while creating a wide range of products. Maybe the perfect Christmas gift is waiting for you Shanga. Oh, and if you’ve visited Safari with us, you’ll recognize their glassware – the places we recommend using their products.

Honeyguide Foundation – Tanzania:

If you’re interested in supporting community conservation initiatives, look no further. Honeyguide Foundation helps support sustainable local conservation practices by empowering people on the ground. They want local communities to take ownership of three dimensions: financial, environmental and social. Learn more about how they work with local communities.

Damian Bell and Ole Kirimbai, the founders of Honeyguide, started a community tourism business, a model we look for when choosing our Safari partners.

Tanzanian Children’s Village – Tanzania

Welcoming around a hundred children of all ages, Tanzania Children’s Village is an incredible home that provides tools to help Tanzanian children escape generational poverty. There are many ways this organization can make a difference in life – providing a truly unique gift for a family member or friend this holiday.

If you have visited the house you know what a beautiful home they create for children. From mom to teachers to staff and everyone in between. Asante Mama India and Baba Peter for creating a safe home for the children.

Sidai Designs – Tanzania

If you’ve been on Zoom with us, you’ll probably have seen us wearing a Sidaï design. Sidai Designs is based in Arusha, Tanzania and the team collaborates with Maasai women to create contemporary handmade jewelry and homewares.

Sidai Designs aims to provide economic opportunities to Maasai women and girls by training them to produce high-quality, unique beadwork designs using their tribe’s traditional techniques. Their goal is to preserve Maasai beading techniques while elevating traditional methods, giving them a contemporary aesthetic appeal.

To those who have done Safari, you may have stopped here and to those who are going, we will take you here if you have time in Arusha before your Safari.

Big Life Foundation – KENYA

Grande Vie Foundation is a nonprofit organization that farms more than 1.6 million acres of wilderness in East Africa’s Amboseli-Tsavo-Kilimanjaro ecosystem. In a recent newsletter, the Big Life Foundation explains that donations are down more than 45%. Therefore, they need our support more than ever to ensure that these large ecosystems that support both humans and wildlife are protected for future generations.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – Kenya

The famous Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) is known worldwide for its work in animal conservation, specializing in the reintroduction into the wild of orphaned elephants, often victims of poaching. This inspiring organization allows you to adopt an elephant and receive regular updates on its progress.

It is a truly unique and humbling experience to see the caregivers and elephants playing at the orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. Other purchases include their online store featuring art, merchandise, and more.

Ripe mongoose – Zambia

Mulberry Mongoose is based in South Luangwa, Zambia. Local artisans use snare wire recovered from poaching traps to create jewelry inspired by the African bush. The slogan declares “beauty against brutality” so give a gift to someone special, while helping to protect Africa’s iconic species.

Basically, the organization employs women from across Zambia to help them reinvest in the community, where unemployment is high. They also help reduce their impact by using locally sourced materials. In today’s world, sustainability is becoming more and more important.
Buy green this season.

Tongabezi – Zambia

Tongabezi is a charming lodge located on the banks of the Zambezi River, where Victoria Falls is located, is home to a thriving community where human and wildlife habitats coexist. The lodge, in partnership with its guests, explores many avenues to help local communities, while implementing conservation programs that help conserve the land for future generations.

When you stay here, you will not only enjoy exploring the Victoria Falls area and its many activities, but also supporting a community that you can visit on your safari and benefit from support from afar.

Do you have any other questions to ask us? send us an email and we can discuss each organization further and point you in the right direction. We appreciate any help you can provide to our Safari partners.

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