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May 2023

Dear friends and subscribers,

It is with mixed emotions that I write this update to you. As you may have noticed, my articles on this travel blog, ericotrips have been rare lately. The truth is that I recently made a career transition into a role of customer success manager for a cybersecurity organization in Lagos, Nigeria! It’s been a pretty incredible exhibition so far, and I’m loving every moment of it.

Eromonsele Emmanuel Oigiagbe - Customer Success Manager

I want to thank you all for being there for me on my travel blogging journey. Your support, feedback and engagement has kept me going.

I know it may take a while for this article to reach you, as it’s been a while since I last posted. But I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that this is not the end of my travel blogging days. I will always publish travel content whenever and wherever you want, and I’m very open to collaborating with my favorite readers and fellow creators around the world.

Ha! You all mean so much to me and I will be forever grateful for the memories we have shared on this platform.

Looking back, I can’t help but cry about the journey I took with ericotrips. When I started this travel blog in 2018, I never imagined that it would take me to so many beautiful places, introduce me to amazing people like Rochelle Chevalier, Leighton Thomas, Abisola Shof, Vincent Ehindero, Wonani Mwanza, Cindy Georgakas, Amarachi Ekekwe H., Claire L., Andy Boland, Darrell Philippe, Pooja Gudkaetc., help me win the Afrobloggers Awards for Tourism and Cultureand improve as a writer and as a human being.

I remember the first time I saw that I had foreign readers from Indonesia, I couldn’t believe it. You mean my words can travel this far from Nigeria?! Dayum! That’s when I realized that the world is full of remarkable and curious people who want to experience different cultures and traditions.

During my travels, I observed scenic spots from a different perspective, and it was an incredible experience. I discovered new things about myself and my immediate environment.

A fun paintball game at Agodi Gardens, Ibadan

Now for the fun stuff! In addition to my obsession with art and culture, which you probably noticed with my article on photography in art galleries, I have also developed a deeper love for Afrocentric music, especially Afrobeats, and I constantly listen to Burna Boy, Davido, Asake, Rema, Wizkid and Tiwa Savage. There are also some interesting lineups like Boy Spyce, Spyro, Young Jonn, Odumodu Blvck, Khaid and Bloody civilian that I dug.

Additionally, I explore various topics related to human behavior, interactions, and financial literacy. You should know, I took a personality type test and I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand themselves better. What else? I read books by Robert Greene, Dale Carnegie, and related authors.

When it comes to financial literacy, I’m learning about investment options like stocks and real estate, as well as the benefits of bulk purchasing physical and virtual products like data subscription; reselling old items such as gadgets to make a certain profit; and advanced budgeting.

Throwback photo of me and Miss Nwonu, a birthday buddy from UBA Group, when I was doing it as a Customer Experience Expert before embarking on a new adventure in CS

In my innovative role as a Customer Success Manager, I will interact, onboard and manage the accounts of customers who purchase my employer’s products and services, while speaking on much more personal topics and issues revolving around customer centricity such as: customer satisfaction, customer experience (CX) tools and industry best practices on platforms such as LinkedIn, SubstackAnd AVERAGE. Follow me!

Hmm, for those looking for a job, come closer, I have some advice! Enable Google Alerts for Some keywords related to your profession; register on LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed; enable job notifications, network with employees (online and offline) at your potential workplace; and interact with old friends and classmates to find opportunities. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek advice from others working in your niche.

For readers looking for remote opportunities, you can browse this elaborate document More than 900 startups are hiring remote job seekers. This is a Google Sheet prepared by Remotive. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, here it is Ten Websites for Paying Remote Jobs » articulated by Ajay Y. on the professional social network LinkedIn.

And, for readers interested in technology, it’s important to join communities on Slack, familiarize yourself with the tools, take courses, attend industry events, and follow experts on Twitter. This is how you stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in your career.

Click on the image to read! Join the conversation…

Did you notice? The blog has had a makeover since April 2023! If you like and want to replicate this look, I used Adventurer theme. It’s free and available on all WordPress blogs.

I encourage you to stay in touch and let me know your thoughts on my new transition. You can reach me at my personal WhatsApp.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us all.

Your blog,

Eromonsele Emmanuel Oigiagbe (ericotrips)

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