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Embark on an epic journey through the wild beauty of Botswana with seasoned travel gurus Rhino, Cayleigh and Barry. Putting on my reporter’s hat for the first time, I had the pleasure of interviewing them about their adventures in the heart of Botswana. What made this conversation even more special was that it was not only my debut as an interviewer, but also Cayleigh’s maiden voyage to the beautiful landscapes of Botswana. Cayleigh’s fresh perspective, coupled with Barry’s experienced insights, has painted the picture of Botswana in a unique light. Their exciting journey took them from private reserves and national parks to the water canals of the Okavango Delta.

Elephants in the Okavango Delta in Botswana

Discover the untouched nature of Botswana!

First of all

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of their wildlife encounters, let’s find out what attracted these intrepid explorers to Botswana in the first place. Cayleigh and Barry shared a mutual love affair with Botswana, describing it as the heart of Africa.

“For me, Botswana is more authentically African, and what you see from a game point of view, you see it in abundance. I fell in love with it… It was truly magical.” – Barry.

And Cayleigh? Well, she’s already planning her next trip home!

A collection of amazing observations our travel expert made while on safari in Botswana

A collection of amazing sightings our travel expert made while on safari in Botswana, image credit: Cayleigh Brown

Their journey begins…

Our dynamic duo began their adventure in the Chobe region, home to Botswana’s thriving elephant population. A serene river, a gentle breeze and the heartbreaking sight of a young baby elephant learning the ropes from its beloved mother.

“It was incredibly adorable to see the young elephant trying to learn how to use his trunk.” –Cayleigh.

three male lions walking in a row

Three male lions walking with swagger as if they owned the place

Leos are not that lazy

Next stop? The Kwando private reserve, where a very exciting chase took place. When asked what it was like to see male lions chasing each other in a fierce battle for territory, our travel experts couldn’t help but gush.

“It was kind of something we put out into the universe because the day before we asked the guide if you’ve ever encountered two prides fighting over territory. The very next day he saw the footprints of two male lions. We followed them, and then we saw and heard them chasing three young male lions trying to get into their pride. It was amazing to see because there were just lions everywhere!” Barry.

Cayleigh was equally excited about the experience, saying she understood why people say the lion is the king of the jungle!

Wild dogs on the hunt in Botswana

African wild dogs on the hunt in Botswana

Someone let the dogs out

The excitement continued as they ventured into the Khwai Game Reserve, where they were greeted by another adrenaline-pumping sight: a pack of African wild dogs chasing an impala.

“It was very intense just to see their strategic capabilities.” Cayleigh.

leopard spotted on safari in Botswana

Leopards love to laze around in the trees!

A lazy leopard

Ah, the elusive leopard, the holy grail of safari sightings! On their last day, their guide, Tony, followed and eventually led our duo to a truly magnificent sighting… a lazy leopard lounging in the branches, bellies full from a recent feast! Cayleigh said it was the best sighting since you never really see a lazy leopard.

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Our travel experts highlighted the people as one of their favorite aspects of Botswana

Conservation and cultivation

But it wasn’t just the wildlife that left a lasting impression on our intrepid travelers. Cayleigh and Barry were deeply moved by the warmth and hospitality of the people of Botswana.

“The people were the highlight of my trip. They are so humble and sincere in what they do. You really feel welcome. The initiatives they have in Botswana, through which they own the lodges, so they give back to the community, show themselves through their passion for their work. They don’t just do it because it’s a job – they truly have a commitment to what they do. – Barry.

Cayleigh fondly remembered one guide who was particularly passionate about his work, saying it was contagious.

The Okavango Delta is a must-see to add to your 2020 travel list

Elephants spotted in the Okavango Delta

Serene safaris in the Delta

Now, let’s talk activities! Cayleigh braved her first mokoro ride, navigating the serene waters of the Delta with nerves of steel. “It’s incredible. It’s completely scary,” she admitted. “But it almost brings you down to the level of animals.”

And if that wasn’t enough, they hopped aboard a safari boat, where Barry remembers seeing lots of hippos. “The hippopotamus is one of my favorite animals because he is funny… they are real characters!” he’s laughing. Cayleigh found the boat safari to be an immersive experience and different from your standard safaris.

“It gives a different calm feeling to your safari. You can turn the play vehicle off and on again, but that noise will still follow you, whereas with the boat safari you are just smelling and hearing the birds, the hippos , All!” –Cayleigh.

Your adventure in Botswana begins now!

Your adventure in Botswana begins now!

It’s time for you to take a generous safari in Botswana!

Already feeling the call of nature? As you can see, our travel experts eat, sleep and breathe Africa. They travel extensively to select only the best experiences, destinations and lodges to recommend to you.

Botswana lures you, dear adventurers, with its unparalleled beauty and boundless adventure. Whether you’re hunting lions, marveling at elephants or simply soaking up the sights and sounds of the African bush, Botswana promises an experience like no other. So what are you waiting for? Contact us todayand let us plan your own tailor-made adventure!

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