The Nature Conservancy is partnering with the CGIAR Excellence In Agronomy initiative to create a hub for environmentally friendly agriculture.

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The Nature Conservancy announced a new partnership with the CGIAR Excellence in Agronomy (EiA) Initiative to create a platform to promote agricultural development in Kenya while preserving nature.

The Foodscape Innovation Hub aims to accelerate the transition to regenerative food systems that sustain the environment and community livelihoods. It will serve as a bridge, facilitating interactions between communities, governments, non-profit organizations, civil society and the private sector through technology demonstrations and proof-of-concept projects. It aims to be a one-stop shop for all elements, including public-private partnership opportunities, financing and investments, governance and institutional capacity.

The hub will develop scenario mapping and monitoring systems to assess the availability of quality water for sustainable use in neighboring ecological zones. It will also design, test and monitor regenerative approaches for efficient land, water and soil use for mixed farming and climate adaptation in semi-arid areas.

Regional Managing Director of The Nature Conservancy’s Africa Program, Ademola Ajagbe, said: “This collaboration is timely and will significantly contribute to solving the complex interplay between food security, climate change and conservation. environment. This partnership also aims to harness the best available science while contributing to the betterment of society.”

The Foodscape Innovation Hub aims to address concerns that while agricultural advancements have increased crop yields, they have also contributed to environmental degradation, including soil and water depletion, increasing greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing ecosystem services and disrupting biochemical cycles.

As part of this partnership, The Nature Conservancy will spearhead the implementation of the hub. This will include harnessing data and scientific knowledge, building capacity catalyzing investments, while promoting innovation, new product development, commercial initiatives and partnership governance.

EiA will leverage its scientific and research expertise to provide scalable science-based agronomic solutions that can contribute to sustainable intensification, promote adaptation to climate change and mitigate the unintended impacts of unsustainable agricultural practices on the environment.

“Our partnership highlights the importance of collaboration to address the world’s most pressing challenges, including Africa’s food systems and natural resources,” said Mandlenkosi Nkomo, Growth Director of the Global Excellence Initiative. CGIAR agronomy. “Together, we will implement agronomic solutions to create a sustainable food ecosystem in the Kenyan Central Highlands, a vital region for Kenya’s environmental protection and agriculture.

The pact aligns with calls to strengthen food systems with a focus on sovereignty, youth and the central role of women in shaping the future of agriculture. Access video for more information on the announcement.

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