The new demand for freedom

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The former head of the La Poste financial center in Dakar, A. Faye, and his ex-cashier, K. Diédhiou placed under arrest warrant as part of the investigation into the embezzlement of 1.5 billion CFA francs at La Poste, suffered a new setback. The indictment chamber rejected their request for provisional release on Thursday October 5, according to L’Observateur.

The same request was made on July 19, at the level of the judge of the second cabinet, Mamadou Seck, responsible for the investigation. A. Faye and K. Diédhiou thus remain in prison, despite attempts by their lawyers to limit their responsibility to that of agents carrying out directives from their hierarchy.

To convince the Prosecution Chamber, the defense emphasized that the 705 million CFA francs loaned to the Dakar Financial Center, of which A. Faye was the boss, are almost entirely repaid. “There are only two loans remaining which must repay two businessmen, DS and MT. The latter claim to have made commitments to repay their debt as quickly as possible,” the newspaper underlines.

Which indicates that these arguments convinced neither the investigating judge nor the Indictment Chamber.

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