The Perfect Honeymoon in Southern Africa

by MMC
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“My husband and I went to Southern Africa for our honeymoon and it was incredible and truly our dream trip. “

Photos taken by Tahnee and Clifton |  UNITED STATES
Photos taken by Tahnee and Clifton | UNITED STATES

We wanted to visit The cap, BotswanaAnd Zimbabwe on an average budget but still getting things as nice as possible and Megan achieved that. Megan was so on top of everything and so organized that I couldn’t believe it! I felt so safe knowing we were in his hands.

Lion watching on Safari
Lions resting in the shade

We stayed at Victoria and Alfred Hotel right on the water and got to see the penguins and national parks in Cape Town. Then in Botswana we did safaris in both Okavango Delta And Chobe. We stayed at Camp Kadizora in the Delta first. This camp was so picturesque, beautiful, peaceful, isolated, and the food and staff were beyond amazing. We didn’t see a single other jeep during our stay and saw the big 5 minus the rhinos which don’t live in this area.

Cape Town's waterfront
Cape Town’s waterfront

The second place we stayed was Elephant Valley Lodge in Chobe and there was a waterhole right in front of the camp where elephants and other animals came to drink right in front of the camp which one could enjoy while drinking coffee or having dinner. We also saw 3/5 less cheetahs and rhinos. This view was incredible and made the camp so special.

Elephants enjoying the waterhole
Elephants enjoying the waterhole

In Zimbabwe we saw the breathtaking Victoria Falls and I did the most fun zip line. Even though we took several COVID tests during our stay, it was worth it and we respected each country by keeping their people safe while still allowing us to visit them. I can’t say enough about Megan, she is truly amazing and we will use her when we return to different parts of Africa.

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