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In September 2020, my high school friend, Yode, contacted me at my personal Twitter account to find out about the exciting places for paintball in Nigeria’s economic capital and most populous city – Lagos. And being the always adventurous, paintballing type, I was really happy to contribute to his action-packed break.

After traveling to some exceptional places to practice paintball in the cradle of hustle and bustle of Nigeria, Yode chose to settle for an arena called Ziggies or popularly known as, Nigeria’s Ultimate Paintball Arena perched at Ziggies Compound, Plot 84/86, Basheer Shittu Street, Magodo Phase 2, Shangisha, Lagos.

He assured me that he had a great time at the arena and in a bid to enable thrill seekers living in Lagos to also enjoy paintball, Yode agreed to participate in a quick explanatory chat with me.

What follows is our one-on-one conversation.

Appreciate! And I hope this will heal your enthusiastic spirit in some way…

1. How did you get here?

My cousin just arrived from the United States of America, so we drove there. We were looking for things to do.

2. Was it easy to locate?

Yes it was. Thanks to God for Google Maps, he directed us from the island. But when you get to the door you don’t know exactly you’re there, so we had to ask.

3. Was the staff open and ready when you arrived? Number of balls? Length of game?

Yes, they were. From the gate, the guard was courteous and directed us. All other staff members were also well mannered.

There were fifty balls, so you pay *1,000 Naira if you want more. Games last until one side manages to capture the other team’s flag.

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4. Are there any side attractions?

Yessss. There was a bar, a swimming pool and, best of all, a football pitch.

5. How much for a ride? And personal or group?

*4,000 Naira per person which seemed like a lot to me, and I thought they could have had group discounts.

6. Discounts?

There has been no reduction, at least not to my knowledge.

7. Is there music?

There was a bar around, that was the source.

8. What is the arena made of? Sand, mud, grass?

Grass. Lots of mud from the rain these last few days, and if I had known, I wouldn’t have worn white sneakers! 😭

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9. What are barricades made of? Tires, bamboo, trees?

On the one hand, there were no barricades everywhere, and on the other hand, it was simply a net held by iron bars. This was enough, as no one outside was affected.

10. Is there a safety tutorial before you start?

Yeah, there was. I didn’t think it was necessary but I understood why it had to be done.

11. Do you have any idea what happens in the event of an accident?

I don’t know. But the way everything was set up, the idea was to make sure that wasn’t the case.

12. Are the gears clean?

Yes, we received new suits, but considering there is coronavirus going around, the weapons should have been cleaned as well.

13. Would you like to come back?


14. Advise visitors?

Go have fun but don’t wear white sneakers and have a good team.

15. Did anything fun or interesting happen during your game?

It was built to be fun and it was. All the spicy and dangerous bits will make it even more fun.

16. Covid protocols?

If there’s anything that disappoints me, it’s because aside from the weapons someone else used, the masks (headgear) we used for the game weren’t costs.

About the contributor

Yode is an aspiring photographer with a remarkable reputation at home and abroad. His photographic nickname on Instagram is (to) yodelens And (to) the.yode is his personal page.

You can also get a glimpse of Yode’s thoughts on his Twitter, (to) YodeLe.

For more information, you can visit the Nigeria Ultimate Paintball Arena. websitecheck out their Instagram, (at) nigeriapaintball or call +2347080750055

“Corporate team building activities come in many forms, but few compare to the challenging, team-oriented game of paintball”

Other Best Places to Play Paintball in Lagos, Nigeria

  1. Empire Sports Paintball, Lekki.
  2. LSP Paintball, Lekki.
  3. Xtreme Sports Paintball Arena, Victoria Island.
  4. Landmark Beach, Victoria Island.
  5. Bullseye Paintball, Lekki.
  6. Leisure Sports Paintball, Lekki.

Interested in more paintball action? Then you can watch my Agodi Park and Gardens vlogging on YouTube.

Ps, I traveled from the ancient city of Osogbo to the energetically populated city of Ibadan for this epic paintball game.

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Now, have you ever tried paintball?

Share the comments below and remember to stay hydrated, always. 😉

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