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The technology community is an interconnected symbiotic ecosystem.

When tech companies need support and resources, they turn to organizations like universities, law firms, accelerator programs, economic development groups, coding bootcamps, and corporations. And when these organizations have their own business needs, they rely on technology solutions to continue operating. These apps and platforms help them increase efficiency, track progress, and fulfill their missions.

For the month of September,’s report explored the theme of The technology behind for our editorial calendar. For some additional perspectives, we asked our Ecosystem Building Companies the following question :

What apps and platforms does your organization rely on to do business (i.e. Slack, CRM, project management software, etc.)?

Here are some responses from their teams, and if you like what you see, follow the links to the business directory pages to learn more and explore ways to connect.

Arcweb Technologies’ mission is to democratize digital healthcare through open source solutions that expand delivery and reduce costs of care. In pursuit of this goal, we are focused on forming long-term partnerships with health and wellness companies and leveraging decades of experience to solve their most pressing software challenges.

“Arcweb has always leveraged a variety of applications and platforms to deliver best-in-class custom software to our customers: we use Jira and Confluence for project management and issue tracking, Git for source control, Amazon Web Services for cloud computing and Google Workspace for almost everything else. Depending on specific customer needs, we also draw on our experience using Microsoft products (including Azure for cloud computing) and other systems (Aha!, ClickUp, etc.). Now that we’re remote-first, we’re relying on Zoom and Slack to maintain our sense of community — our weekly music league Slack channel and our hobby-based channels are particularly active. — Mia Kent, project manager

DEBCC is dedicated to business development and economic empowerment of Delaware’s economy, particularly African American communities throughout the state of Delaware, through entrepreneurship using educational models, shared best practices, commercial resources and technical assistance.

“Our organization relies on a complete suite of tools to manage our commercial operations. Key platforms include Teams/365 for seamless communication, GrowthZone/CRM software for nurturing member relationships, and Canva/Mailchimp/Trello project management tools for effective project coordination. These resources allow us to provide valuable support and services to our members and the community we serve. — Ayanna Khan, Founder and CEO

NEXT, powered by Shulman Rogers, is changing the way legal services are designed, packaged, delivered, maintained and supported. Our particularly innovative model was designed to meet the needs of growing startups and emerging companies.

“NEXT powered by Shulman Rogers is an innovative, award-winning model for providing legal services to startups and emerging growth businesses. Technology is an essential part of our offering and allows us to provide high quality, high sensitivity legal services with predictable and manageable fees. Technology platforms we have integrated include HubSpot,, Zoom, CARTA, Slack and Box/ShareFile. Leveraging these platforms allows us to help create a more transparent, efficient and collaborative customer experience. We continually evaluate new technologies, test them on a small scale, and if they meet our team’s goals and improve the customer experience, we fully adopt them and deploy them widely within NEXT. — Anthony Millin, founder of NEXT powered by Shulman Rogers, venture partner and serial entrepreneur

TEDCO, the Maryland Technology Development Corporation, enhances the growth of economic empowerment by fostering an inclusive entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem. We identify, invest in and help grow technology and life sciences-based companies in Maryland.

“As the economic engine of Maryland technology startups, TEDCO operates at a rapid pace, requiring information to be visualized in real time in a variety of ways. To support our efforts, we use NetSuite, a cloud-based accounting software, to meet our accounting needs. This software is integrated with four other platforms used across the organization. These platforms include Workday Adaptive, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting software that allows users to access real-time reports, create charts and dashboards for data visualization, and much more ; Gatekeeper, contract management software that enables easy-to-read data aggregations and dashboards; Bamboo HR, a time management system with a simple user interface, allowing staff to complete timesheets and other human resource needs; and Beanworks, an automated accounts payable software that allows us to process invoices and purchase orders more efficiently. — Geyssel Gonzalez, controller


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