The United States can do more to end Sudan’s civil war

by MMC
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When Sudan’s de facto military ruler, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, addressed the United Nations General Assembly last month, he warned that the ongoing conflict in his country there was a threat to the region and broader international peace and security. Invoking the same language that the UN Security Council uses to justify the multilateral interventions it authorizes may seem an odd move from a leader who this summer declared head of the UN mission in Sudan. persona non grata.

But Burhan may realize something that the international community has so far missed or chosen to ignore: if concerted action is not taken quickly to end the war in Sudan, devastating internal conflictit could lead to the balkanization and collapse of a country of 50 million people straddling the Red Sea and central Africa.

Even before fighting between Burhan’s Sudanese armed forces and Mohamed Hamdam Dagalo’s rapid support paramilitary forces began in April, nearly a quarter of Sudan’s population was in need of some form of international assistance. After six months of conflict, this figure is now approaching 60 percent. According to According to the World Food Program, 6 million people “are one step away from famine.”

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