Tips for a fun and fantastic friendship

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Traveling with friends can be an exciting and beautiful experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories. It is also the perfect opportunity to strengthen ties in those around you.

However, it can also be disastrous and terrible planning for a sweet getaway can unfortunately result in bitter relationships.

Knowing how to plan a trip and enjoy it without losing friends is essential. Here are some tips for a fun and fantastic friendship:

  1. Start with a short trip

If you’re traveling with your friends for the very first time, starting with a short trip to test the waters might be a good idea.

For example, book a weekend at a nearby resort as a trial before flying to an international destination where you intend to spend a week or more. This will help you understand everyone’s travel options and the main trip will be a little less intimidating.

  1. Align travel goals

Before you and your group of friends jet off to your dream destination, it’s important to discuss your travel goals and expectations. What does everyone want to accomplish during the holidays? Will the focus just be on relaxing, sipping cocktails and taking in beautiful views? Or do you intend to be in full “tourist mode” as you explore the attractions and culture of your destination?

It is essential to know each other’s goals and expectations. This way you can prepare for a satisfying trip and avoid disappointment.

  1. Money, money, money!

Money can be a very delicate subject. When traveling with a group of friends, it’s important to be on the same page when it comes to budget. Explain how you will share expenses, including paying for accommodations, restaurants and activities.

Will everything be divided equally? Will you take turns paying for meals or activities? Discussing money during the planning phase is important and will help you avoid uncomfortable situations.

  1. Have a flexible itinerary

Having an itinerary that fits everyone’s preferences is important and can serve as a guideline for the trip. However, make sure it’s not set in stone and avoid cramming too many activities into one day.

Avoiding a busy schedule will provide more ease for the entire group. Additionally, there will be flexibility to make minor changes that may need to be made.

  1. Leave space for alone time

Even if you love your friends to bits, having them around you every second of the day for two whole weeks might not be the best idea.

A little personal time is important because your relationship with yourself constantly needs to be nurtured. See where you can spend some alone time. This might take the form of journaling a few minutes before bed or even an early morning solo swim before the day’s group activities.

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