Top 3 reasons to visit the Serengeti during the green season

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This is one of my favorite quotes and especially fitting for 2020, where every step is a bold move.

I looked up the distance from Houston, Texas to Arusha, Tanzania and Google gave me 8,800 miles. This is the number of steps I’m going to take my Safari returning home in February – I hope to share how the trip will go then.

The “green season” refers to the period from November/December to May – usually when the short rains begin until the long rains end. Rains in the Serengeti mean bright colors, new life and rich game. Here are my top 3 reasons to visit the Serengeti during this magical time of year.

Migration of wildebeest and zebras:
Migration of wildebeest and zebra will roam this vast space due to the abundance of short, nutritious grasses that should have germinated during the short rains that usually begin in November. With fresh grass, the animals have plenty of food for themselves and for the young that will be born on these plains.

Every year the herds give birth on these open plains, which is a sight to behold. You know who else likes to stay near huge herds, the big cats. Amateurs, amateur or professional photographers, listen to us. Due to the birthing and ease of feeding for big cats, spectacular hunting scenes are possible. Think of cheetahs showing off their full-throttle speed to take down an adult wildebeest or lionesses working together to tackle a zebra. Calves are easy prey. Graphic I know, but natural.

Don’t worry, you won’t just see wildebeest, zebras and big cats. Elephants, birds galore, antelopes of all kinds, perhaps vicious wild dogs, jackals and many more will be present to make this safari an incredible one.

Dramatic sky:
Thunder, lightning, dark and moody skies, yes, that’s what you should expect when you go on safari during the green “wet” season. Although this deters many people, if you are comfortable, sit back a bit and enjoy these experiences, you will be well rewarded by the drama of nature. Sometimes you will be driving during these moments, and others, just sit back and enjoy these moments from the beautiful places we recommend.

Green and lush landscape:
The dry season has its appeal and magnificent moments, but the rain creates a lush green landscape. Personally, I love green spaces – it’s an escape from my concrete jungle in Houston. And I like a good contrast between the wildlife and the landscape.

You don’t have to limit yourself to the southern Serengeti if you plan to travel during these green months. We can take you to the northern Serengeti – the wildlife is still there and the scenery is as stunning as ever. Mix in with other parks like the elephant-rich Tarangire National Park and the wild Ruaha National Park in Tanzania. The possibilities are limitless.

Have a look on Safari tasting in Tanzania to really get an idea of ​​what your Safari might look like, but remember that every safari I design is personalized for you.

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