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NABIL AMMAR, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad of Tunisia, regretted that the image of the world today is far from the objectives and values ​​of the United Nations. Unwavering respect for the Charter, international law and human rights, without politicizing them, is essential to achieve security, peace and development, he said, welcoming the Secretary’s initiative general aim to establish the Global Crisis Response Group on Food, Energy and Finance. In this context, he recalled the call made by the Tunisian President during the Food Systems Summit to create a strategic stock of cereals that the world could use in times of need. He also highlighted the international financial system and its contribution to the widening gap between developed and developing countries, highlighting that the latter now devote resources to repaying their debts rather than serving their citizens . He thus advocated for a reform of global economic governance – an essential priority for sustainable development.

He urged all parties to share responsibility by providing climate finance to the most affected countries. Due to the impact of climate change, inadequate development, conflict and illegal migration have intensified in North Africa, and criminal networks are exploiting the situation. To address this, the international community should rely on the 2023 International Conference on Development and Migration – a Tunisian-Italian initiative. His country had always dealt with this phenomenon within the limits of its possibilities and its human rights obligations, he said, condemning the exploitation of illegal immigration for political purposes. Addressing internal affairs, he indicated that Tunis will continue to implement reforms, strengthen good governance and fight corruption. In July 2021, Tunisians expressed their desire to end political manipulation by strengthening democracy and state institutions. At the same time, the country continues its transition to a green and blue economy while providing social protection to its citizens.

He added that the suffering of the Palestinian people is morally and legally unacceptable and called on the Security Council to assume its responsibility to force the occupying power to respect international law. He expressed hope for the creation of an independent and sovereign Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital and called for its full membership in the United Nations. Furthermore, Tunisia is committed to helping the Libyan parties overcome their differences and reach a political solution based on intra-Libyan dialogue with the assistance of the United Nations. With this in mind, he expressed his rejection of a military solution, as well as any external interference in Libyan internal issues. To achieve a political solution in Syria and Yemen, a convergence of global efforts is necessary, he added, also demanding a cessation of hostilities in Sudan and that the crisis be overcome through dialogue. Even more, he called on the international community to help Africa overcome its crises.

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