Uganda: Ministry of Works and Transport calls for massive allocation of resources for road maintenance and improved tourism nationwide

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The Ministry of Works and Transport has called for substantial resource allocation to ensure comprehensive maintenance and modernization of road infrastructure, especially for tourist routes across the country.

The call for urgent action was made during the 3rd Review Meeting of the Ministry’s Integrated Transport Infrastructure and Services Program held at the Commonwealth Resort in Munyonyo.

Minister of State for Works, Musa Ecweru, has stressed the need for significant investment in road maintenance nationwide.

“A lot of efforts need to be made to complete the oil roads and we need to quickly address the challenges facing our road infrastructure,” he said.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, chairing the review of the Integrated Transport Infrastructure and Services Program, has expressed concern over the quality of infrastructure services provided by contemporary engineers.

This concern highlights the urgency of comprehensive measures to improve the country’s road network.

The current debate over the quality of roads in Uganda has intensified, with the recent breakdown of the Kampala-Hoima road raising questions about the overall state of the country’s road infrastructure.

Minister Ecweru stressed the importance of completing vital oil routes, emphasizing their strategic importance.

The state of road infrastructure in Uganda has become a central point of discussion, particularly in relation to the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Manifesto 2021-2026.

Gaps in road development and maintenance must be addressed quickly to align with the goals set out in the manifesto.

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