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Deputy Secretary of the Treasury of the United States of America, Wally Adeyemo, said Nigeria has enormous potential and therefore the United States intends to partner with the Nigerian government to remove some capacity constraints Nigerian investors to access the American market.

Adeyemo disclosed this during a press briefing during his visit to Vibranium Valley Tech City in Lagos.

According to him: “I am delighted to be here today because it has given me the opportunity to see Nigeria and innovation at its best and to see the innovative businesses that are being built here and I am agree with you, there is so much potential here in Nigeria. .”

Furthermore, the Managing Director of Vibranium Valley, Mrs. Moyosore Asubiojo, explained that the company participated in a roundtable discussion with Adeyemo covering several topics including untapped opportunities in technology, finance and venture capital. in Africa and the profound impact of the valley. ecosystem.

Asubiojo said Vibranium Valley is a reflection of Nigeria’s Silicon Valley, a technology city that provides infrastructure for high-growth businesses and innovators. These include access to capital, technology and entrepreneurship-based infrastructure for technology companies in Nigeria or those seeking market access.

According to her, the Valley’s 2,600 square meter tech campus is home to some of Africa’s best tech startups.

She said Vibranium Valley has powered over 80 businesses across the ecosystem of its anchor residents – Venture Garden Group and GreenHouse Capital (GHC), with over 440 people/employees calling us home.

Asubiojo said Venture Garden Group, established in 2011, is a holding company for financial technology (fintech) companies that provide innovative, data-driven end-to-end technology platforms aimed at solving problems at national scale.

She noted that these technology companies residing in the “valley” focus on various sectors such as power sector, aviation, education, remittances and Fintech, to name a few. -uns.

“What we are doing here is incubating many technology companies and we are looking at ways to use technology to solve key problems nationally in Nigeria, Africa and the world,” he said. she declared.

Asubiojo said that apart from enabling technology companies, Venture Garden Group also wants to empower the next generation – the youth, through its VGN Foundation.

When asked about the relationship with the American Consulate and The American Corner, she said the company is in partnership with the Consulate, as evidenced by the American Corner resident at Vibranium Valley Tech City.

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