Victorine Ndèye responds to Khalifa Sall

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The Minister of Microfinance and the Social and Solidarity Economy, Victorine Anquediche Ndèye defends President Macky Sall in an interview with L’AS.

She emphasizes that “ we must recognize the responsibility of President Macky Sall towards the Republic, the consecrated powers and respect for democratic rules. »

She adds : ” Despite previous report proposals from political actors, he (Macky Sall) never made the decision to postpone the presidential election. »

According to him, the latest outing of the Senegalese head of state was ordered by “ the initiative of the “Wallu” parliamentary group, adopted by a majority of deputies. Also, defend the mayor of Niaguis, “we must have the courage to say it, we were confronted with the discovery of the dual nationality of an application which is the subject of legal proceedings. » In her argument, she also insists on “ the suspicions placed on other successful candidates. »

For all these reasons, says Victorine Ndèye, “ in this context we had all the ingredients to discredit the electoral process and move towards a very questionable election which will be contested. »

This is how the minister welcomes President Macky Sall’s call for dialogue. “ The opposition has a framework for expression as desired by the head of state. I encourage them to participate in dialogue in order to avoid any return to a cycle of violence “, she said before continuing:

Our country has a tradition of dialogue which makes it a democratic showcase, and none of us should sacrifice these achievements for personal interests. »

Unlike the former mayor of Dakar and candidate for the Supreme Magistracy, Khalifa Sall, who declared on RFM that “ for the moment what matters is not the dialogue » but “to stand up against this failure, to fight so that the election is not postponed”, the one who succeeds Zahra Iyane Thiam believes that “ the main thing is the mobilization of the entire political class to guarantee a free and transparent election “.

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