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For coffee lovers, October 1 is an opportunity to enjoy their favorite everyday beverage while celebrating International Coffee Day.

“International Coffee Day was established in 2014 to recognize the invaluable contributions to the coffee industry made by those who craft this beloved beverage,” says Hayley van Niekerk, Jacobs Marketing Manager.

Douwe Egberts brand manager Thokozane Radebe agrees and adds that these people – from farmers to home baristas – are the ones who keep this industry going by creating jobs and opportunities for others to succeed.

According to the International Coffee Organization, Three billion cups of coffee are prepared and enjoyed daily, but due to coffee’s versatility, this number could be higher as it can be used beyond traditional consumption, demonstrating its remarkable adaptability.

Over the years, many options for different coffee blends continue to grow, catering to the different preferences of coffee connoisseurs.

Why not use this versatile coffee range and celebrate International Coffee Day in one of the following ways? :

  1. Host a coffee tasting party. Get together with your friends and family and take the opportunity to discuss each other’s favorite cup of tea. For budding baristas, take this moment to impress everyone with your coffee knowledge. Friends and family who are not nearby can register online and will be sure to have fun.
  2. If you want to enhance your coffee tasting evening, why not organize a coffee pairing evening? All participants should bring their favorite coffee accompanied by a dessert or chocolate that it pairs well with.
  3. Try your hand at the art of coffee. If you have a milk frother at home, spend some time trying to imitate your favorite designs and laugh at the ones you can’t manage.
  4. Visiting a coffee plantation will definitely open your eyes to the beginnings of your favorite beverage. Learning about the coffee growing process and interacting with farmers will give you a better understanding of where coffee comes from.
  5. If coffee is your passion, why not sign up for a barista workshop? Learn about different brewing methods, latte art and coffee preparation techniques. This hands-on experience can be both educational and fun.
  6. Treat yourself to coffee-inspired cuisine. Whether it’s meat sauces, chocolate cakes, or coffee-infused desserts, there are plenty of recipes to choose from.
  7. Make a cup of coffee for someone in need. All it takes is one bottle. While driving, pour your favorite mix for those who would appreciate it the most.

Although coffee is a drink that doesn’t need to be enjoyed on a celebratory day, take the opportunity to get creative with your favorite blend and, with friends and family, explore the different uses of coffee , or maybe find a new blend to add. your list of favorite coffee shops.

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