“We NEED African-led and Africa-driven climate solutions at COP 28,” says Njiru Umiliza

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By Imali Ngusale

Africa is home to around 1.3 billion people who continually face a double climate crisis, resulting from the achievements of Western economies and maintained by archaic standards.

It seems that the history of greed and rapacious consumption of fossil products by the countries of the North has plunged the continent into a climate crisis. A measure that affects not only the environment but also the economy in equal measure.

As this ensues, many Africans are asking themselves a big question: will Africa’s cry finally be silenced by the West?

In an attempt to answer this question, Umiliza Njiru, director of communications, policy and advocacy at the Rockefeller Foundation in the Africa regional office, said: “Africa is in dire need of bankable solutions that can effectively address to the climate crisis. »

According to Umuliza, “there is a lot of confusion in understanding climate action and apparently very few people have the solutions.” These solutions “are not cast in stone” and there is no “this or that,” Umuliza said.

These solutions rely on collaborative efforts, dedicated investments and critical thinking, Umuliza said.

“We need African-led and Africa-driven solutions to remove potential biases and move to solutions-focused discussions. As Africans, I believe the time has come for us to deliver on our promise, take big risks and get involved in interventions that make an impact.

Discussions about loss and damage in Africa have been painfully peddled in political circles and in a multiplicity of discussions about power relations. Despite this, Umuliza believes that Africa has the manpower, expertise and intellect to emerge from the crisis.

Umuliza stressed that solving the climate crisis cannot be the work of a single actor and called on CSOs and like-minded entities to invest in bankable solutions that will enable Africa to move forward. beyond rhetoric.

She also stressed that the climate crisis will not be solved by a single solution but by several solutions. According to her, “Africa is not a continent of flat solutions. It is the home of impactful interventions,”

Umuliza, however, warned that if Africa chooses to take a back seat, it is likely that 75% of carbon emissions will continue to be emitted by 81 countries, to the detriment of the continent’s well-being.

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