Wellness Retreats in Africa for 2024

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Wellness retreats in Africa are not exactly what you might expect. In comparison, they are quite unique from what most expect from a wellness retreat. Not that they are the opposite of the definition, but Africa offers something a little “extra”. Something you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Londolozi Healing House Luxury Wellness Retreat

Africa offers a luxury wellness experience like no other, image credit: Londolozi

Yes, getting a good night’s sleep, exercising, and eating fruits and vegetables is a good practice. And perhaps adding a daily multivitamin plus a massage here and there can only improve your overall state of being. However, did you know that escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life can go a long way in improving your mental, physical and spiritual health?

So, besides a perfect blend of nature and luxury, what makes wellness retreats in Africa so special? Before we get to the heart of the matter, let’s set the tone. Throw away all those visions of balanced pebbles stacked above gentle streams and sweet smells of incense, gentle rain, or calm (albeit kitschy) Enya music playing in the background.

The magnificent spa at Bushmans Kloof

Venture into a world of wellness in Africa, image credit: Bushmans Kloof

What types of wellness retreats are there in Africa?

There are several types of wellness retreats in Africa. The most obvious is the spa wellness retreat. It’s rare to find a reputable hotel or lodge across the continent that isn’t home to an exceptional spa with a favorable reputation. When it comes to well-being, the standard in Africa is quite high. As a result, this encourages hotels to excel in their spa offerings. And this, in turn, lends itself to offering not only the most sought-after treatments, but also the latest and greatest.

Unique spa treatments in Africa

Unique spa treatments in Africa, image credit: Singita

But wellness isn’t just about extensive spa menus and absolutely silly massages. From ideal settings to luxurious living, physical restoration and ultimate stress relief, wellness retreats in Africa encompass many different elements. Plus, it’s about finding a balance with the right ingredients. Whether you are looking for a wellness yoga retreat in the Cape Winelandssomething more vigorous in The capor one East Africa lodge that is the pure embodiment of a luxury wellness retreat – you will find an African escape offering a wonderful sense of transcendence.

Woman meditating on a wooden terrace surrounded by nature

Find ultimate serenity in nature, image credit: Londolozi

Everything you need to know about wellness retreats in Africa

What are the best wellness retreat destinations in Africa?

There are a handful of heavenly destinations for wellness retreats in Africa. We therefore invite you to explore the wonderfully wild spaces and unleash inner peace.

South Africa

Undoubtedly, South Africa leads the way with a long list of award-winning spas. Many of them are found scattered throughout the Cape, its neighboring wineries and in Big 5 territory Kruger National Park.

Enjoy a massage on the terrace of Singita Kruger National Park

The most relaxing setting for a massage, image credit: Singita

A visit to the Mother City promises boutique treatments and gourmet-style healthy snacks. While, just down the road, a tranquil getaway with wine and vineyard views awaits you in the burgeoning valleys of the Cape Winelands. Even further afield, far from any signs of civilization, you’ll find Greater Kruger, where luxury lodges are renowned for their exceptional spas and bespoke escape experiences.

Garden Spa in Babylonstoren with swimming pool and jacuzzi

Breathtaking spa experience in Cape Town’s verdant wine regions, image credit: Babylonstoren


Most lodges in Rwanda focus on well-being experiences that match the unprecedented encounter you have with a majestic mountain gorilla. There are many factors to consider, as you can imagine. The first is spending time with a FAMILY OF ACTUAL HABITAT GORILLAS. Second, the magical landscape of a sumptuous jungle that seems endless. Needless to say, when you return to your lodge after an awesome day of gorilla encounters, there better be plenty to wow you again! Well, expect a wellness experience that will pull out all the stops!

A young gorilla makes eye contact with the camera

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is an unprecedented experience


Considering all the possibilities for adventure in Tanzania (THE Great Migration, Mount Kilimanjaro, wildlife, endless coffee plantations and much more), securing a secluded base to relax and recuperate is essential. And as Tanzania is particularly known for its classic lodges with extravagant canvas, a sanctuary of serenity is not difficult to find! Additionally, Tanzania paradise archipelago of Zanzibar is just a short flight away!

Whether you’re savoring canapes and refreshments on the white sandy beaches or enjoying an energizing sunrise yoga class in the Serengeti – Tanzania offers a wide range of revitalizing retreats.

Yoga session in Tanzania

A tranquil refuge in Tanzania awaits, image credit: Singita


An authentic East African safari in the famous Serengeti National Park And Masai Mara National Reserve waiting for you in Kenya. Welcoming the Great Migration and home to diverse landscapes promising diverse discoveries, a visit to Kenya offers an unforgettable experience! The list is endless. From exquisite accommodation, yoga sessions and spa treatments to hot air balloon rides, local Maasai tours and even breakfast with giraffes, you’ll find plenty of life-changing adventures in this country that will help you relax and reset.

For more in-depth knowledge of accommodation options across Africa, take a look at our The best wellness safari lodges in Africa.

Three giraffes visit guests outside a large mansion

Breakfast with giraffes in Kenya, image credit: Giraffe Manor

When is the best time to stay at a wellness retreat in Africa?

There is no bad or good time to escape to a wellness retreat in Africa. For several years, we have all agreed that everyone deserves a well-deserved break! But where and when, you ask? Well, it all depends on what you want to experience. That’s why our Rhino Africa travel experts are always ready to advise you on the best tailor-made wellness trip for you.

Woman relaxing on a hammock on a pristine beach

Island living in Zanzibar

How much does a wellness retreat in Africa cost?

Many variables can influence the costs of any Africa wellness retreat, from the time of year and level of luxury to location and logistics. Additionally, what wellness experiences would you like to have? Based on safari lodges only (hotels in major cities are comparatively cheaper), here’s an idea of ​​the costs.

South Africa’s lodges are extremely cost competitive. Per person, per night, prices range from $350 to $550 (4 star comfortable), $600 to $950 (4 star luxury), and $1,000 to $2,000 (5 star luxury).

On the other hand, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya all offer an unparalleled experience when it comes to exclusivity (although Rwanda can be more expensive if you throw in Gorilla trek allows you to enter the mixture). Per person, per night, prices range from $350 to $650 (4 star comfortable), $700 to $1,500 (4 star luxury), and $1,600 to $3,500 (5 star luxury).

Two men meditating on a wooden platform surrounded by a lush forest

Well-being experiences equal to an encounter with gorillas

Let’s plan your wellness retreat in Africa!

Are you ready to recalibrate? Stop everything else and reconnect with nature with a wellness retreat in Africa. Contact our travel experts for a no-obligation quote. They can give you expert advice based on your individual wellness needs and desires.

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