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Admire the beauty of whale watching in pictures, as shown in our magnificent South Africa. From the majestic giants of the ocean to other sea creatures like playful seals, enjoy this visual journey of what you can expect when visiting during whale season.


A southern right whale and her calf along the Overberg coast near Hermanus, South Africa

Our coasts offer some of the best land-based whale watching in the world

The picturesque seaside town of Hermanus is a two-hour drive from The cap and is known for its excellent whale watching opportunities. In spring, whales come closer to shore to give birth and you can see baby whales accompanying their mothers, as shown in this photo.


Whale watching cruise

Get up close to the whales in Hermanus

Do you want to get closer to these giants? Explore the depths of the sea on a whale watching boat adventure. Or, if you prefer to stay on dry land, head to a coastal viewpoint. Either way, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time! Don’t forget your binoculars to see them in more detail.


Whale watching cruise

Whales head to the southern coast of South Africa to mate and give birth between July and November

Plan your visit to South Africa between July and November, when the bays come alive with southern right and humpback whales. These are the best months to watch the mammals frolicking in the waters, performing courtship rituals and leaping over the waves while displaying their surprisingly graceful acrobatics.


Whale watching cruise

A whale-watching cruise will bring you closer to the action

Imagine being so close that you could feel the powerful spray from the whales spraying your face as they break and dive back into the waters. During your boat cruise, you will have a front row seat to admire the whales and take incredible photos.


Whale Watching with Marine Dynamics

Watch demonstrations of breaches, lob follow-ups, spy jumps and courtship rituals

From breathtaking breaches to colossal tail lobes and curious spy leaps, each whale’s behavior tells a story of life beneath the surface. Embark on an enchanted aquatic adventure and experience this captivating spectacle.


Whale Watching with Marine Dynamics

We love recommending Marine Dynamics for whale watching tours.

You will be able to experience a close encounter with these sea creatures with a qualified crew and high-end boats. Marine Dynamics, for example, is an exceptional tour option. Fully guided tours also give you the opportunity to see the rest of the Marine Big 5, namely shark, seal, penguin and dolphin.


Cape Fur Seals at Gansbaai

Cape fur seals playing in the water at Gansbaai

The picturesque fishing village of Gansbay features its own marine wonders – rafts of seals – alongside whales. Observing these adorable creatures in their natural habitat is a delightful addition to your South African sea safari.


Whale Watching with Marine Dynamics

Cute Cape fur seals look very relaxed in the water

Cape fur seals are known for their playful and social behavior, often seen basking in the sun on rocky outcrops or frolicking in the cool ocean waves. These endearing creatures put on quite a spectacle, displaying complex diving maneuvers that are a joy to behold. So get your cameras ready!


Whale watching cruise

Your children will be amazed when they see how huge the whales are.

Children are invited to join the whale watching adventure. This is a fantastic opportunity to teach them to appreciate wildlife. Seeing these colossal mammals breach the surface of the water, their wide-eyed fascination will surely be one of your most treasured memories.


The gentle giants of the ocean emerge from its depths

Whales are rightly called “giants”, because they are the largest animals on the planet. Imagine seeing a whale swim quickly, breaking through the surface of the water and throwing its body into the air, only to fall back with a resounding splash.


Town of Hermanus

Hermanus is a town that has it all

The charming town of Hermanus is perfect for your whale watching trip. With an abundance of outdoor activities including hiking, biking and kayaking, there is something to captivate the interests of all visitors. Plus, the town is full of quaint shops, art galleries, restaurants, and markets, providing a perfect haven to unwind after a day at sea. Learn more about our favorite places to stay during fishing season whales here.


Whale watching cruise

Marine guides will make each cruise educational and fun while prioritizing animal welfare and conservation.

Our coastline offers many opportunities for whale watching, with the most rewarding sightings being those along the cliff paths of the Whale Route east of the Cape. The Wild Coast at Eastern Cape is also a preferred destination.


Whale watching cruise

A cruise will give you a better idea of ​​the size of a whale

Being in such close proximity to the magnificent beasts of the ocean is an indescribable feeling. It is a mixture of wonder and deep respect. The size and grace of these magnificent creatures leaves you humbled and grateful for the opportunity to witness their presence. We cannot recommend this experience enough!

Capture whale watching in pictures

From the shores of Hermanus to the secluded coves of De Hoop Nature Reserve, the opportunity to witness the graceful movements of these enormous creatures against the backdrop of our stunning South African coastline is an experience that leaves a lasting impression and fosters a deeper appreciation of Mother. Nature.

Contact our travel experts today and let’s start planning!

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