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South African President Cyril Ramaphosa at Nasrec Expo.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa at Nasrec Expo.

  • From cabinet reshuffles to coalition chaos, the political year ahead will set the stage for the 2024 general election.
  • Nearly three decades after the start of democracy, the upcoming 2024 elections could be decisive for South Africa’s future.
  • Will opposition parties manage to attract more voters away from the ruling ANC?
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The 2024 general elections will be a defining moment for South African democracy as discontent grows among citizens.

Frustrated by poverty, inequality, unemployment, service delivery failures, corruption, crime and the worsening electricity crisis, South Africans are desperate for change.

Next year’s elections will be particularly difficult for the ANC, with citizens losing confidence in the ruling party’s ability to solve the problems facing the country.

Several polls suggest support for the ANC could fall below 50% in the 2024 elections, paving the way for a possible national coalition government.

However, as coalition agreements collapse in various municipalities, can opposition parties come together to give the nation the stability it needs?

What future for those who cling to power?

A cabinet reshuffle is imminent following the ANC’s recent leadership conference, and the DA is set to restructure its own ranks when it holds its elective congress in April.

News24 will be following all the political action across the country as parties prepare for the 2024 elections, which could mark a new chapter in South Africa’s constitutional democracy.

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