Why this investment company backed a luxury agricultural product from Kenya

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Red Lands Roses Farm in Kenya

Red Lands Roses Farm in Kenya

While Africa-focused private equity firm Adenia Partners generally avoids primary investments agriculture investments, in 2021, the company supported a Kenyan farm producing a niche product that managing partner Alexis Caude likens to a luxury item.

The Red Lands Roses company specializes in growing branch roses, characterized by their multiple flowers per stem, which distinguishes them from standard single-bud roses. Caude draws a parallel between the company’s flowers and luxury products, noting that their sales price is two to three times higher than that of regular roses. These roses, mainly exported to Europe, are in high demand and difficult to cultivate.

Additionally, Red Lands Roses sells directly to distributors, bypassing traditional flower auctions in the Netherlands, resulting in significantly higher margins. “The profitability of this company is extremely high compared to other companies we have studied in this sector,” notes Caude.

Read our full interview with Alexis Caude: From Solar Power to Luxury Roses – Investor Discusses Opportunities in Africa

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