Will Stevens highlights collaboration as key to boosting Internet penetration in Africa

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At the Global Tech Africa conference in Lekki, Lagos, US Consul General Will Stevens gave an overview of the role US technology companies play in driving Africa’s development into the digital age.

The theme, “African development and the future of technology: the role of the United States. highlighted the impact of American technological investments on the continent.

Stevens said: “U.S. technology companies operating in Africa play a crucial role in expanding the continent’s access to reliable and secure networks. the Internet.“He highlighted the contributions of diaspora-led businesses like MainOne and tech giants such as Google and Meta, highlighting their multi-million investments and strategic partnerships with governments to improve internet infrastructure.

The Consul General emphasized the importance of these efforts, noting: “Meta’s 2Africa cable – the world’s largest submarine cable system – is expected to land at 21 sites in 16 African countries, including Nigeria’s Lagos and Akwa Ibom..” The cable is seen as an important enabler in improving internet connectivity in the region, furthering US companies’ focus on Africa’s technological advancement.

Will Stevens delved further into SpaceX’s role, saying: “Earlier this year, SpaceX launched Starlink in Africa. Today, 7 countries have benefited from satellite Internet access service in low Earth orbit, and 25 additional countries are targeted by the end of 2024.” This endeavor demonstrates the United States’ commitment to ensuring full Internet access across the African continent.

Highlighting the spirit of collaboration, Stevens revealed: “The U.S. Department of Commerce is working hand-in-hand with Nigerian companies to introduce the latest U.S. technologies to Nigeria.“This collaborative approach extends beyond technology transfer, as the department facilitates an annual SelectUSA Investment Summit. Stevens expressed: “This summit includes special tracks, networking and mentoring opportunities for technology and women-led startups looking to grow their business in the United States.

With U.S. investments and partnerships bolstering Africa’s technological growth, we see a future in which connectivity is not just a luxury but a cornerstone of progress.

Stevens’ speech highlighted a new era of collaboration and innovation for both continents, encapsulating the essence of a shared technological journey.

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