Woman Said Her Boss Was ‘So Cool’ For Not Making Her Work While She Was Literally Giving Birth

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In the TikTok, Drpi thanked her manager for recording her, said she was having her baby soon and was feeling the effects of medication after having an epidural.

Drpi, apparently groggy, said the delivery had happened earlier than expected, before saying: “Don’t worry, I’ll finish with some emails and such. Let me know if you have any questions .”

The video has been viewed 1.1 million times and over 370 comments. Several commenters wrote that they also continued to work while in labor or while hospitalized in other circumstances. Most emphasized that they did it of their own accord and that their bosses tried to tell them to prioritize rest.

Many commenters said they felt the story encapsulated the experience of many American employees and the lack of work-life balance.

In answer To a comment describing her story as “the core of America,” Drpi posted a follow-up video saying she was also asked if she could work on her laptop in the workroom while being 8 centimeters dilated . Drpi seemed to agree with the sentiment, saying it was “very American” and using the hashtags #corporate and #workaholic.

But Drpi defended his employer and pushed back on viewers’ assumption that his attitude was the result of a toxic work environment.

In a next video she shared what appeared to be screenshots of the text message conversation between her and her boss after sending the video.

“My manager is so relaxed, she was so nice about it,” she said. In the screenshots, one response read: “Oh my god this is so exciting. Don’t worry. Just enjoy the moment and share photos.”

In response to @No name, I hope she liked my OneNote #business

Many commenters agreed that the response was positive and appropriate, but others suggested that gratitude to a manager for not expecting an employee to work while on shift shows how low the bar is.

One commenter described the response as the “bare minimum,” while another said the fact that she felt the need to inform her hospital manager “speaks volumes.”

Drpi doesn’t seem to identify with this view, writing in the comments section: “My manager is literally the most laid back person I know and always has my back. I’m surprised how this is interpreted!”

In another download, Drpi said she loved her job and her manager, and thinks she “sometimes went too far” as a result. She said her manager told her to “relax” and “do less” for months while Drpi was pregnant, but she ignored the advice.

“I just didn’t listen as well as I should have,” Drpi said in the video. “My manager is actually very nice and very supportive.”

Conversations about work-life balance have recently become increasingly popular on TikTok. Many young employees are speaking out against workplace norms as they begin to experience it, claiming that long hours and travel are not conducive to their well-being and objecting criticism that they are “spoiled” therefore.

Neither Drpi nor the company she appears to be employed by immediately responded to BI’s request for comment.

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