Young African leaders call for financial help to fight extreme weather events

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Africa’s youth have called on developed countries to double funding for climate change adaptation in Africa.

At the Youth Forum on Adaptation Finance in Africa (YOFAFA), held in Yaoundé, Cameroon in November, participants highlighted the essential role of financial support in ensuring a sustainable future for the continent.

YOFAFA brought together 200 participants from across the African continent and another 2,000 participants online.

In a statement written during the forum, they expressed frustration with the gap between actual financial flows for adaptation, commitments and real needs on the ground.

They also highlighted the disproportionate impacts of climate change in Africa and the potential for even greater severity in key areas of the economy across the continent. The work of the forum as well as the declaration will be presented at the next COP28.

Major polluters, they said, must develop a framework at the Dubai summit that commits to more than doubling annual flows of adaptation finance to Africa by 2025.

Climate challenges

Participants from across the continent highlighted some of the challenges they will face in the years to come.

One of the major problems is the decrease in precipitation. According to United Nations Environment ProgramRainfall in Cameroon has decreased by 2.5 mm each year since 1960, putting millions of people on the brink of famine.

Kenyan climate activist Shampi Anna says the northern part of her country is a concrete example of the devastating effects of these extreme events.

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