Zero tolerance for illegal outdoor advertising

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The collection of revenue from the use of outdoor advertising hoardings, particularly those erected on municipal land, has been identified by the City of Ekurhuleni (CoE) as an issue requiring urgent attention.

The municipality is carrying out a zero-tolerance operation Thuntšha Lerole (shoot the dust) to combat illegal outdoor advertising.

According to a statement issued by the office of Kgopolo Hollo, MMC of Infrastructure Services and Real Estate, revenues from outdoor advertising applications or rental of outdoor advertising to the city are illegally withheld.

They asked property owners and advertisers to partner with the city to stop the installation of illegal signs or billboards.

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They also called on all advertisers to check the legality of their billboards with municipal authorities.

The ministry also informed property owners and advertisers who continue to place advertisements on illegal advertising structures or billboards that they will be held responsible.

They encouraged businesses to ensure, before signing advertising contracts, that the advertising company has a rental agreement with the city.

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The municipality, however, offers illegal advertisers the possibility of requesting regularization.

Owners of billboards who do not have a rental contract must contact the city’s planning department to submit a request for regularization.

The department will evaluate each request and if the billboards comply with regulations, the real estate department will issue rental contracts.

The advertising panel will then be regularized and the municipality will be able to start collecting revenue. Those who cannot be regularized, or those who do not request it, will have their billboards removed.

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