Zimbabwean food company uses independent sales agents to boost distribution

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Lesly Marange, founder and CEO of Glytime Foods

Lesly Marange, founder and CEO of Glytime Foods

Zimbabwean Health food company Glytime has expanded the distribution of its products beyond brick-and-mortar retail chains by using independent sales agents.

Lesly Marange, founder and CEO of Glytime, wants to establish her own sales channels and market her products, which range from granola to roasted corn to low-sugar cookies.

The majority of independent agents that Glytime collaborates with are young people who promote the company’s products in educational institutions, hospitals, businesses and various events. There are currently more than 100 of these sales agents, who together represent approximately 12% of the company’s total turnover.

There are two ways for these salespeople to work with Glytime:

  • Agents buy shares worth a minimum of US$50 at a discounted rate, then sell them at whatever markup they choose.
  • For those lacking initial capital, Glytime provides the stock. After resale, the agents transfer the revenue to Glytime and receive a commission ranging from 10% to 12%, depending on their sales volume.

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